On April 9, 2018, we’re teaming up with the Leadership & Management SIG for our Pre-Conference Event for #iatefl2018! Click on our poster for a HQ version. Keep an eye on this page for updated information.


This day long pre-conference event, bringing together LAMSIG (leadership and management) and TDSIG (teacher development), will look at how personalised teacher development is achievable and other issues.  Through a mixture of short TED style talks, plenary discussion, and open space interactions, we plan to provide ideas and options for both managers and teachers as well as giving those present the opportunity to share ideas and imagine possible ways of changing the “one size fits all Friday afternoon staff development workshop” paradigm. Thereby fostering an approach which is not only truly teacher centred, but also one which serves the needs of the organisation and its managers.

👨🏻 👩🏼4 fifteen-minute talks
⛲2 open-space sessions to dig deeper into talks
🎤an open-mic Q&A session
☕coffee and mingling breaks
👩🏽‍🍳gourmet lunch

Thank you to our sponsor, Trinity College London!

Programme (click here)

PR for P: Harnessing individual energy to empower institutions in teacher development
Clare Magee & Fiona Wiebusch
English Language Centres are full of passionate individuals who provoke discussion and seek to challenge the way people think or the way things are done. When it comes to teacher development, ELT leaders try to design processes to transform individual energy into institutional outcomes when provision of platforms would elevate the organisation. In this short talk, the presenters will consider how to create the right space for organisational change (Kotter, 2014, Hamel & Zanini, 2014) by sharing practical tools that have proven successful in promoting teacher-led professional development initiatives in their large-scale English Language Centres in Australia and Southeast Asia.

Both advocates for teacher development in the University English Language Centre sector, Clare Magee and Fiona Wiebusch bring more than a decade of leadership experience and evidence-based strategies to their presentation. Clare Magee (Exec MBA, MEd TESOL) is the Associate Dean of English at UTS Insearch, one of Sydney’s largest English Language providers, and Fiona Wiebusch (MA App Ling TESOL, PhD can.) leads teacher training and PD at the Institute of TESOL & Continuing Education at the University of Queensland. Clare and Fiona were recently selected to co-facilitate a World Cafe on Empowering Continuing Professional Development at the 2017 English Australia Conference.

Trusting Practitioners
Ed Russell
In 2017 I surveyed the professional learning needs and interests of my teaching colleagues at ELC Brighton. I soon realised that anything I organised, though well intentioned, would be unsuitable and unable to meet their diverse developmental requirements. At school in 2018 I will attempt to launch a response to their professional needs with trust at its heart. I will share the results of the survey, this year’s response and the early incubation of these new ideas for 2018 at the SIG and seek feedback from colleagues in attendance through the day.

Edward Russell is the Head of Teacher Training at the English Language Centre Brighton. Originally from South London he spent a decade of his life working as an educator overseas. During this time he successfully completed his DELTA, a CELTYL and an MA in TESOL (Teacher Education). He worked in a variety of places, including Algeria, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Palestine, Singapore and Switzerland as a teacher, examiner, trainer and educational consultant. He plays (and sometimes referees) touch rugby in his free time. In the future, he hopes to work as an educator on all continents and is thinking about PhD study.

What IS there to offer teachers in the happiest country on earth?
Ania Kolbuszewska
Dealing with TD issues in an unfamiliar cultural setting may require thinking outside the box to find workable solutions.I come from a tradition where TD is an essential, yet often unpaid aspect of a teacher’s job. In Switzerland, where I currently work, teachers expect a good work-life balance, which translates into not bothering them outside strictly defined work hours with anything you don’t pay them for. My story is that of a fascinating, if bumpy, cultural journey on a personal level, and of a complete transformation of the institutional language used to discuss CPD as a solution to what seemed an unbridgeable gap.

Ania Kolbuszewska has been involved in ELT for nearly 30 years in a variety of roles: language coach, trainer, academic manager and school director. She has been training trainers and academic managers as well as providing business and academic consultancy for private and public educational institutions in various countries. Her current position is Director of Training at inlingua Basel, Switzerland. A former Eaquals Board member and Director of Eaquals Accreditation and Consultancy Services, she continues to work as an inspector for Eaquals. Ania is a founder member of IATEFL Poland and a member of Leadership and Management SIG of IATEFL.

Culture change in ELT staff rooms
Liam Tyrrell
The teacher’s room is the heart of any school, and its power needs to be harnessed to deliver positive effect rather than being a source of headache and battle. Engineering culture change is a slow process and needs to be managed carefully. This talk identifies key ways to drive culture change and pitfalls to beware based on experiences in 2 schools in Dublin and London. The issues explored include speed of change; amplifying supportive voices; implementing well-rounded development programmes; offering opportunities and pathways; and paying attention to careful recruitment.

Liam Tyrrell is an Academic Coordinator at English Studio Dublin with responsibility for teacher development, student feedback and dealing with student complaints. He also works as a course tutor on Trinity Cert. TESOL courses. He originally studied chemistry in university, but has been working in ELT since 2009 and completed DELTA in 2016. He is an active member of various ELT associations and has presented at national and international conferences.

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