📢We’re excited to announce that our PCE 2019 in Liverpool is jointly organised with the Global Issues SIG (GISIG)!  Keep checking here for new info!

This term can be loaded with both positive and negative connotations depending on your perspective and teaching context. Is it our part of our professional mandate to be social justice warriors?

Key questions will include:

  • Is it our job as language educators to bring issues of social justice into the classroom?
  • How do we create lessons that inspire our students to improve the social conditions around them?
  • What activities can we do in our lessons that enable students to engage fully with the topic?
  • Most importantly, how do we develop our own approaches to involving these types of topics in our varying teaching contexts?

If you value the potential for ELT to meaningfully involve students in global issues around us all yet are unsure of our roles as teachers in this scope, come to our PCE in Liverpool 2019 and engage with these challenges through a balanced mix of plenaries, short talks, and open space sessions, which will shape the discussions through emergent and relevant paths to us. Plus, we’ll celebrate the opportunities to connect our two SIG communities and take advantage of the networking that this event represents.

Call for short-talk proposals

We’re looking for engaging, pedagogical, practical short talks on the intersection of social justice AND teacher development. These talks should be 15-20 mins in length. Selected speakers will also facilitate an Open Space session for a small group to talk more deeply about your talk (see purple areas in ‘Day schedule’ below).
* Speaking at our PCE does not preclude you from speaking at IATEFL Conference.
* As a charity, we can only offer a small reimbursement for expenses.

Sample topics might include:

  • Practical talks that demonstrate learnings as a teacher from including social justice topics in your classes:
    • Politics: e.g. economic disparities, neoliberalist influences, nationalism, etc. 
    • Equality: e.g. multiculturalism, race relations, LGBTQ+ communities, etc.
    • Environment: e.g. climate change, globalised vs local food movements, etc.
  • Theoretical or academically-oriented talks that demonstrate research-based info that can help inform:
    • appropriate use of social justice topics in our classroom
    • behaviour, attitude, and vocabulary we use to appropriately discuss these issues with learners

Day schedule

Here is a draft schedule for our PCE day. Bits and pieces are subject to change.
8:00 – Registration @ Liverpool ACC
9:30 – Welcome to PCE
10:00 – Coordinator greeting
10:15 – Opening plenary
11:00 – Session A: Short talks
11:50 – Mini-break
12:00 – Open space breakouts with Session A speakers
12:30 – Lunch
2:00 – Session B: Short talks
3:00 – Open space breakouts with Session B speakers

3:30 – Afternoon break
4:00 – Closing plenary
4:45 – Wrap-up commentary

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