IATEFL Teacher Development Special Interest Group provides a forum for teachers who wish to develop their own unique potential as teachers, to develop their skill and awareness in meeting the inevitable problems of being a teacher, and to keep alive a sense of challenge and satisfaction in the job. Anyone interested in such developmental issues can share their own experience and learn from the experiences of others. Through such a network the group seeks to encourage individuals and groups of teachers to undertake activities that focus on personal and professional development.

TDSIG was formed by Adrian Underhill in 1985, and was the first SIG to be created under the auspices of IATEFL.

Our aims:

  • To enable and encourage all categories of teacher to take more responsibility for professional and personal evolution throughout their careers.
  • To promote individual and institutional awareness of the importance of teacher development.
  • To encourage the provision of facilities for teacher development which do not already exist.

If you are interested contributing to the TDSIG Newsletter or Website, contact us.


  • produce three Newsletters a year. These are put together by editors working in or outside the UK.
  • organise practical and experiential workshops in the UK. In addition, TD cooperates with other Special Interest Groups in organising joint conferences outside the UK.
  • encourage teachers to form local groups outside the UK with the aim of networking, organising events, and sharing their insights and experiences. The TD SIG is large, active and welcomes ideas and contributions from teachers world-wide.

For further information about IATEFL and how to join the Teacher Development SIG, contact IATEFL