James Taylor is a DELTA qualified English as a foreign language teacher, teacher trainer and materials writer currently based in Brazil. He has taught in Brazil, South Korea, Belgium and Costa Rica since 2007 and currently specialises in bespoke one-to-one lessons for business and exam students. In August 2018, I self-published my first ebook, entitled “How Was Your Weekend? 1001 Discussion Questions To Use With Your EFL/ESL Students” and I’m currently writing my first coursebook series for FTD Education in Brazil. He is also a podcast consultant, including the ELTON nominated TEFL Commute podcast, IATEFL TDSIG’s Developod, and Seven Skills For The Future. He is a former President and a co-founder of BELTA, the Belgian English Language Teachers Association. Currently he is Second-Vice President of BRAZ-TESOL Brasília and a committee member of IATEFL TDSIG. He blogs at theteacherjames.com, where he shares lesson materials and opinion pieces.