What is the TDSIG Michael Berman Scholarship?


This scholarship funded by the IATEFL Teacher Development Special Interest Group, is in memory of Michael Berman, an ELT writer, presenter and storyteller, who regularly contributed his stories and teaching ideas to TDSIG Newsletter until his premature death in 2013. It is for a teacher to attend the IATEFL Annual Conference and to have the opportunity to be published in the TDSIG Newsletter and its other online platforms. It will be awarded to someone who is interested in exploring her / his own development and is able to write about this engagingly so that others can share in and benefit from these insights.


You have to be a member of IATEFL TDSIG to apply for this scholarship but you do not have to give a conference presentation.


Michael Berman’s published work includes The Power of Metaphor by Crown House, The Nature of Shamanism and the Shamanic Story by Cambridge Scholars Publishing, as well as Shamanic Journeys through the Caucasus and Shamanic Journeys  Shamanic Stories by O-Books. Journeys outside Time can be obtained from Pendraig Publishing, and Tales of Power from Lear Books, A Bridge to the Other Side: Death in the Folk Tradition and Georgia through Earth, Fire, Air and Water were published by Moon Books in 2012, and Sacred Mountains by  Mandrake in 2013. ELT publications include A Multiple Intelligences Road to an ELT Classroom, In a Faraway Land (a resource book for teachers on storytelling), On Business and for Pleasure (a self-study workbook), and English Language Teaching Matters, written with Mojca Belak and Wayne Rimmer. For more information please visit www.Thestoryteller.org.uk


What does the scholarship winner receive?


The award consists of:


  • registration for the TDSIG Pre-Conference Event
  • registration for the IATEFL Annual Conference
  • GBP 1000.00 for conference-related expenses


Do I qualify?


To qualify you must:


  • be a paid IATEFL individual member
  • be a member of TDSIG
  • be questioning about your teaching and willing to learn
  • be good at articulating your thoughts
  • agree, if you win the scholarship,
    • to be interviewed in advance of the conference to introduce yourself and your teaching context and at or after the conference to describe your experience and takeaways as a participant
    • to create a video narrative/story about a significant teacher development moment in your career
    • to produce a written reflective piece after the conference, in which you should focus on how your experiences at the conference have furthered your development


All three pieces may be used by TDSIG for various uses in promotional material.


How can I apply?


To be considered you must submit:


  • a summary of between 400 and 500 words, where you should clearly:
    1. describe briefly your teaching context(s)
    2. outline the developmental high points so far in your career
    3. indicate how attending the conference would further your development
  • a short video (maximum 5 minutes), which previews what you would likely discuss in 2) above. Since the application form does not allow for the uploading of media, you will need to share your statement with us by including a link to it within your 400-500 word summary.


You should include a passport size photo (for the conference programme and on the scholarship poster if you win – remember to smile! Usually the June or July before the annual IATEFL conference, members can apply for a multitude of scholarships, including ours, through the IATEFL website. Please click here for more information and to apply.

Who has won the scholarship before?

Here is Irene in her own words:

I’ve been an EFL teacher for over twenty-five years.  In 2012 I was appointed DoS in a local private school in Montevideo, Uruguay. 

I completed my Trinity Cert TESOL and continued specializing in School Management as well as holding a Certificate in Emotional Intelligence.  I am passionate about educational technology so I studied for the ICT Certificate through OEI (Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos). 

I’m interested in Flipped Learning and PBL using them both in my lessons and motivating teachers to do so. I have been giving workshops for the EFL teachers in the school since 2013.

I have also been involved in volunteer teaching and training with young people through different international programmes such as Everything´s Possible (UK) and Adobe Youth Voices.

I am currently pursuing my MA in Education via Universidad de Itaca in Mexico.

Please check out some of our past winners:


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