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We’re into the podcasting generation, yes we are. Every other month, we’ll be talking about issues with guests that impact our development. You’ll recognise some of our guests! Maybe you? Developod is available wherever you get your podcasts! Subscribe today or listen to full episodes here.

Latest episodes

Episode 10

In this 10th episode on Experimental Teacher Development Christian talks about ‘Positive Discipline’ with Tina Wu, who is teaching young learners in Taiwan. Plus we hear from Tyson, with news from TDSIG.

Episode 9

In this 9th Episode on Experimental Teacher Development, we hear about the grass-roots development of Jacob, who is experimenting with Teaching Proficiency through Reading and Storytelling (TPRS) within his young learners classes at the British Council in Taiwan. Jacob highlights the main elements and potential benefits of this approach and gives tips on lesson planning for this collaborative way of storytelling.

Episode 8

In this 8th episode Silvana Richardson, Head of Teacher Development of Bell schools UK, talks about creating an organisation-wide culture of teacher development and the importance of this. Silvana zooms in on a few elements of the teacher development programme which listeners may be less familiar with, namely ‘supported experiments’, ‘lesson study’ and ‘learning walks’. She also gives an overview of the idea of ‘INSPIRE’ development, which was the title for a talk that Silvana delivered with Gabriel Maggioli at IATEFL 2018.

Episode 7

The Feedback Episode: This 7th episode centres around the potentially polemic question of how to give and receive feedback within the setting of both official and peer observations of teachers. Christian Tiplady and Matthew Noble introduce Ideas for how we may more usefully approach developmental feedback to guide it a non-judgemental way. They incorporate inspiration from fields of research such as ‘Cooperative Development’ and ‘Non-Violent Communication.’

Episode 6

In this 6th Episode Christian Tiplady and Matthew Noble introduce a range of teachers – both less and more experienced – who are answering the question: “What one concept has been catalytic to your own development as a teacher?” Listeners are asked to consider the same question and how this concept has influenced their own development.

Episode 5 BONUS

In this 5th bonus episode Matthew Noble introduces an interview with Gerhart Erasmus before the IATEFL 2018 conference, as well as Gerhart’s reflections post conference. Gerhart was the winner of the TDSIG Michael Berman scholarship for 2018. Matthew gives you an overview of how you can apply for the 2019 scholarship.

Episode 4

In this 4th episode in the Developod Series, Adrian Underhill talks about his learning at IATEFL 2018 (in Brighton, UK), about emancipatory teaching, and about the difference between communication and expression.

Episode 3

The third Developod Episode from IATEFL’s TDSIG. The theme is ‘Keeping up your Mojo’ and we hear from Maria and Duran on how they have been keeping up their teacher development.

Episode 2

In this, the second episode of the TDSIG podcast, Christian Tiplady asks a number of teachers at varying stages of their careers to share with use their new beginnings and teacher development resolutions!

Episode 1

‘The Introview’: In their very first TDPOD, we find out about the TDSIG: What is TDSIG and who is involved? What does TDSIG do for teachers? And how can language teachers and other interested parties be involved?