Developod – TDSIG’s podcast on teacher development

We’re into the podcasting generation, yes we are. Every other month, we’ll be talking about issues with guests that impact our development. You’ll recognise some of our guests! Maybe you? Currently we’re posting to our Soundcloud channel, but soon to other platforms. Either way, subscribe and don’t miss out.

Latest episodes

Episode 4

In this 4th episode in the Developod Series, Adrian Underhill talks about his learning at IATEFL 2018 (in Brighton, UK), about emancipatory teaching, and about the difference between communication and expression.

Episode 3

The third Developod Episode from IATEFL’s TDSIG. The theme is ‘Keeping up your Mojo’ and we hear from Maria and Duran on how they have been keeping up their teacher development.

Episode 2

In this, the second episode of the TDSIG podcast, Christian Tiplady asks a number of teachers at varying stages of their careers to share with use their new beginnings and teacher development resolutions!

Episode 1

‘The Introview’: In their very first TDPOD, we find out about the TDSIG: What is TDSIG and who is involved? What does TDSIG do for teachers? And how can language teachers and other interested parties be involved?