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In bursts of energy here and there, we hold an online community meetup. Anyone can watch live and ask us questions.

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Catch up with our previous TDLIVES

Live #1

Sinéad and Rich chat about TDSIG and what we do. Special guest Doug joins in with questions in the comments box – click through to FB to see the whole exchange!

Live #2

Rich is joined this time by our very own Tyson Seburn – they chat about development in his context, including development plans and staying motivated after a long period of time working in the same organisation.

Live #3

Rich talks to Benjamin Moorhouse, a lecturer at the University of Hong Kong, about reflective teaching, including peer observations, recording oneself, and much more.

Live #4

Chris Storrs-Fox, an academic manager and CELTA trainer in Vietnam, discuss how teacher development can happen within short courses, touching on the challenges and successes that may be involved in these types of durations.

Live #5



This time, we moved from FB Live to a live Twitter chat–you know, for development! In this episode, we talked about Experimental TD with everyone who was around. You can search and read through the tweets here.

Live #6



We livestreamed eight ~5-minute talks from Nicola Meldrum, Bruno Leys, Ila Coimbra, Cecilia Lemos, Christian Tiplady, Kerstin Okubo, Vicky Saumell, and Marcela Cintra at the IATEFL 2019 Conference. Check them out here.

Live Series #7




Starting in May 2020, we’ve been hosting a themed live casual breaktime chat on Twitter from 3-4PM UK. Topics have included the one on the promo image above, as well as EAP presessionals, burnout, and representation. Do join us by engaging through us of the hashtag #SIGtweetmeet.

Live Series #8




Starting in Sep 2020, we’ve resumed our series #SIGtweetmeet on Twitter. For 3 weeks, we’ll host this chat on various topics (Sep is on vocabulary), then pass the pic to MaWSIG for three weeks and back again. Check it out by using the #SIGtweetmeet hashtag on Tuesdays from 5-6PM UK.