The ELT landscape is ever-changing, as new advances in method, technology and understanding continue to alter what we do and how we perceive our role as teachers and teacher educators. Join TDSIG at our Web Carnival on October 8th 2023 as we explore the future of teacher development. We warmly welcome you to participate.


Keynotes, talks, panel discussions: we’ve got it all for you during this live event! We’re very excited to share the programme with you and let you explore all that’s being offered to engage with.

The programme is available here.

Our Live Web Conference

Every keynote, talk, panel discussion, and breakout engagement focuses solely on teacher, researcher, and/or association perspective on the future of teacher development as it applies to ELT.

Register for the Web Carnival!

Reserve your place at this year’s Web Carnival! IATEFL Teacher Development SIG invite you to be involved with our 6th Annual Web Carnival with the theme “The Future Of Teacher Development”.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Check out last year’s Web Carnival on Critical Pedagogy, partnered with BRAZ-TESOL Brasília. Recordings are also now available via the website.