A selection of benefits for our members


Currently, as a benefit to its members (and occasionally everyone!) we produce three types of publications – an eBulletin, a podcast, and books. 

Every other month, your inbox will smile when our eBulletin, composed of contributions from members and invited guests, appears from our editors who lovingly collate and polish it into TD themes! Our eBulletins have regular sections that we encourage you to not only read, but get involved with by submitting your own contribution too.


  1. TTT: Tales of a Travelling Trainer (including featured region)
  2. Quote Unquote Is there a quote that defines your teacher-outlook? Want to share it? Pick one, write a brief line or two about why you chose it and let us know. Here are a few to give you some ideas.
  3. TDQ There are TDQ question bank to choose from and write about. Ideally for one issue, choose a few to answer within about 100 words each. And of course, if you’d like to add a photo, even better. (including featured region)
  4. TD Stories We’re interested in sharing our learnings with everyone. So, tell us a reflective story about something that you planned, but it didn’t go quite the way you expected, and what you learnt from it all. No more than 500 words, please. (including featured region)
  5. TD Toolkit We’re also collecting your reviews of favourite TD books, blogs, apps and online resources. What’s your go-to resource? What tips for using it? Pick one and within around 250 words, let us know why you love it.

Themes – the plan

Aug 2017
An introduction to the new TDSIG
Oct 2017
New semester’s TD resolutions
Dec 2017
Reflective TD
Feb 2018
Keep your mojo going
Apr 2018
TD at professional events
Jul 2018
TD and learner feedback
Sep 2018
TD plan: the months to come
Featured region: South/East Asia
Nov 2018
Experimental TD
Featured region: South America
Jan 2019
TD Reading into practice
Featured region: Africa
Mar 2019
Online TD
Featured region: India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam
Nov 2019 – The PCE issue
The intersection of social justice topics and teacher development
Featured region: n/a
Jan 2020
5-minute TD tips
Featured region: Central/South America

Feb 2020
Action research: the when why how
Featured region: Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines
Contribute by: 31 January 2020

May 2020
Avoiding burnout / looking after mental health
Featured region: Mediterranean: Greece, Turkey, Italy
Contribute by: 25 April 2020 
Jul 2020
Influences from Beyond ELT
Featured regions: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka
Contribute by 25 Jun 2020

Featured regions

Starting in late 2018, to better include the voices of our diversifying membership, we’re adding a “Featured Region” to the theme of our eBulletin issues. While you DO NOT have to be teaching in one of them to submit your contribution on theme, we will give priority to anyone teaching in these contexts. Even if you have something to add that is specific to your teaching context that does not fit the theme, please still submit. We want to hear from everyone so our issues connect with each of you.


So you want to contribute? Yay!  Your contribution should be sent to [email protected] (with subject line indicating section) by the deadline indicated. We will send you a digital copy of the issue that your article appears in even if you are not a TDSIG member. But maybe it’s time you became one

You can create your submission as a short article (word length above by section); short video, audio clip, or some other imaginative format! We will try to accept all sorts as our eBulletin is fully digital.

We’re into the podcasting generation, yes we are. Every other month, we’ll be talking about issues with guests that impact our development. You’ll recognise some of our guests! Maybe you? Developod is available to subscribe to wherever you get your podcasts. See here for more details or sample by listening to Episode 4 with Adrian Underhill below.

We’ve been brainstorming a few different projects, all of which when published will be shared with members only. Sometimes they will be eBooks, other times print, and sometimes both! Right now, our editors are working on the following:

  • TDSIG Book 1: Early Selections (2018): a collection of articles from members over the years on themes including What is Teacher Development?, Gender in ELT, Teaching and Training, Teaching in Context, Teacher Research, and much more!
    Preview TDSIG Book 1
  • TDSIG Book 2: 1992-2010 [tentative] – Coming 2019



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