As IATEFL gets even closer, it’s time for the second in our three-part series looking at our TDSIG Showcase Day – on Thursday 12 April we have chosen a range of talks, forums and workshops that should get your developmental juices going. We hope you’ll join us on the day!

Teacher Development Forum – Effective & personalised: the holy grail of CPD

Time: 12:05 Room: Cambridge

The second part of our Showcase Day is a bumper feast of TD-related goodness: five speakers and three separate talks relating to different aspects of teacher development with a focus on how individual teachers and institutions can work together for the best results. Each of three parts of the forum will last for about 20 minutes and there will be time at the end for questions and answers. Find out more with the three abstracts below:

Josh Round and Andrew Gaskins: Personalised Development Groups – a framework for collaborative teacher-led CPD

Continuing professional development is vital for the success of a school, both in terms of staff fulfilment and student achievement. However, running a lively programme which meets the needs and expectations of all those involved is hugely challenging. This talk explores ways to personalise TD and give teachers space to explore classroom practice and engage with the wider EFL community.

Alastair Roy: Are we really supporting new teachers?

When facing the challenge of a new school a mentoring and induction programme should support teachers on their journey. But are these as effective as they could be? In this session we will analyse teachers’ experiences and identify areas where our mentoring and inductions programmes can better bridge the gap between teacher education and the classroom.

Oliver Beaumont and Duncan Jamieson: Creating a culture of CPD, centre-wide, brand-wide, company-wide

What is the difference between doing CPD and creating a culture of CPD? Two Academic Managers from different contexts will share ideas about creating a thriving academic community in a year-round adult school and adult/young learner summer centres and share their provisions for company-wide professional development across an international organisation, including inter-school collaboration and innovative takes on classic CPD activities.

Looking forward to Brighton? Tell us what you’re looking forward to at IATEFL!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on the TDSIG website where we’ll be sharing one more preview of our SIG Showcase line-up!