Before and after the Web Carnival on January 28, where four speakers will engage with all of us on the learnings they’ve had when the wheels fell off in classroom situations, we’d be thrilled if you chose to participate with your own stories of the wheels falling off and resulting misadventures or learnings. Here are two ways:

    1. Tweet about a time things went awry in class and what happened. Use the #tdsigcarnival hashtag and it will be included on this page too!
    2. Create a 30-sec video about this: What is an “oops” you’ve made in class, but recovered from? 
      Upload and share the video URL with us in the comments below or send it to Tyson Seburn ([email protected]) and we’ll upload it to our new Youtube channel. Either way, we’ll include your video on this page as part of our this experience. Here’s one as an example, from one of our speakers, Michael Griffin: