For those of you unfamiliar with TES, their website is well worth a visit. Their rapidly growing digital community showcases a long heritage of teacher development and support. Today, I stumbled upon a project of their called A Teaching Moment in Time, where teachers from around the world will simultaneously share what’s going on in their classrooms at 11 am on the 10th of September, to get a snapshot of life in schools around the world at that particular time. The exciting report of last year’s event can be found here, and below is the information TES sent to me when I asked them how it all worked

I’ve registered and can’t wait to see what it’ll be like. I hope you’ll join me!


Take part in TES’ A Teaching Moment in Time will use the power of social media and live-blogging to paint a picture of the world’s schools at one moment – 11am local time.

It will reveal the similarities and differences between the lives of teachers and students in countries around the globe, from the poorest to the richest.

The last Atmit took place in September 2013 and saw thousands of teachers in more than a hundred countries telling TES exactly what they were doing with their students at that very moment. The TES live-blogged the event for 24 hours, producing an inspirational portrait of schooling on all four corners of the world. 

This year TES has teamed up with Education International’s Unite for Quality Education campaign, which has seen teacher unions and educationalists campaigning for universal access to quality teachers, modern resources and safe and secure schools for all children.

The culmination of this campaign will be a meeting in October with Ban Ki-moon, in which a collection of materials will be presented to him. The video of Atmit 2014 will be included. 

Register for Atmit 2014.