Tuesday 9th April;

TD SIG day programme;

Room 11b;

Please find enclosed our programme. We hope you will come to our workshops and give us some feedback on the day by means of this blog. Thanks very much for your comments.


10.50 Colin MacKenzie: 59 seconds to professional and personal development;

12.10 Cecilia Lemos: Oral correction: reflections from a recovering recaster;

12.55 Shaun Wilden & Marisa Constantinidis: Autonomous professional development begins at home

14.25 Barbara Roosken: Is your teaching career as tumultuous as George Harrison’s?

16.05 Michelle Hunter: Self-coaching tols  for inside and outside the classroom;

17.05 Willy Cardoso: Dynamic ELT curriculum: from coursebook-driven consensus to complicated conversation;

17.50 Andrew Walkley: Language-focused teacher development.


We are looking forward to your remarks.