“Teacher Development With or Without Technology?”

Why Teacher Development?

This is an age of lifelong learning, of ‘perpetual beta’, of learning ‘anywhere, any place, any time’. Teacher development is necessary, arguably more now than it ever was. We cannot rely upon, nor do we need to depend upon, the teacher training delivered by the schools, universities and other organisations we work for.

Why Technology?

We live in a time of great technological change. There are few people who haven’t been touched by the digital revolution. Old professions and traditions that once we believed were going to last forever, are struggling to survive, change, adapt. The innovations that emerging technologies are bringing to our daily lives are also hard to keep up with. The changes have affected our learners: who they are, what they do, how they to expect to learn.

Why No Technology?

In language teaching, as technology starts to seep into the classroom, increasing our choices and options as teachers, and complicating the teacher-learner-materials mix, we need to become better at making the right choices. What to use, and when? What not to use, and if not, why not?

Why Istanbul? Why Turkey?

Turkey sits culturally between Europe and Asia. Istanbul straddles the Bosphorus with one foot on each continent. It is a country with both rich traditions and a passion for change and innovation. Teachers and learners here are starting to embrace the demands of 21st teacher development, to tackle the changes in learning and teaching – with and without technology.

This is why a conference like this is necessary at this moment, and why in Istanbul. Come and join us to find out more, mix with colleagues from all over the world, and help make this event one to remember.

Graham Stanley
IATEFL Learning Technologies SIG Coordinator

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