What is TDSIG Web Carnival?

There are a plethora of online development opportunities these days and we know it. Most tend to focus on the webinar experience solely for its participants. TDSIG recognises their value, but aims to place emphasis on the ongoing continuous and bottom-up threads that tie together valuable teacher-led growth. TDSIG Web Carnival is a month-long thematic initiative that combines teacher contributions in the form of tweet responses to Q&As, blog posts, short videos, audio clips, and other forms of media which lead towards the live event webinars at the end of the month.

Our goals in creating and executing the Web Carnival are to:

  • Draw in experiences and stories from our members related to teacher development situations and learnings
  • Build on existing knowledge from within our global membership and engage in a multimodal experience

Typically, TDSIG Web Carnival occurs in January or February. We’re currently planning a slight variation for 2019! Stay tuned.


We have held three TDSIG Web Carnivals so far. Please check out their individual pages below. Session recordings are included in most cases.

2018 – TD success stories from around the world
Main speakers: Marc Jons (Japan), Alice Kim (Canada), Pawel Matuszczyk (UK), Patricia Reynolds (USA)

2017 – Learnings when the wheels fall off
Main speakers: Matthew Noble (USA), Meredith Lewis (Australia), Michael Griffin (Korea), Varinder Unlu (UK)

2016 – Stories of teacher development
Main speakers: Lizzie Pinard (UK), Thiago Veigga (Brazil), Anna Bartosik (Canada), Maha Hassan (Egypt)