Web Carnival

Our next Web Carnival is FEB 24, 2018!

Theme: TD Success Stories from Around the World
What does effective and successful teacher development look like? Sound like? Feel like? Maybe we know it when we see it.

Instead of insisting on a single definition of what teacher development is or ought to be, perhaps we are wise to open our eyes, ears, and hearts to the voices of fellow teachers and share our own positive experiences of professional learning and growth. In this way, we can be fueled forward; past what’s static and problematic, towards what’s potent and possible.

Our 3rd Annual TDSIG Web Carnival aims to stitch together an informative and inspiring “tapestry of TD”: stories of success from teachers around the world which will weave a picture of how teacher development is often personalized, always empowering, and never exactly the same in different times and places.

Our web carnival typically occurs between 1PM-5PM London UK time. We’re currently seeking proposals for 40-minute talks (including participant interaction) with:

  • A description of the local context and what TD typically looks like there
  • A narrative account of the TD approach, initiative, or specific experience with particular attention to ways in which it was/is successful in some way
  • Ideas about how this could inform and inspire TD elsewhere
  • Also: info about your TA (or PLN) and how it contributes to this success

While sessions are short, there will be opportunities to interact, share, and reflect. The goal: a lively global encounter from which carnival-goers take both information and inspiration! The deadline to submit a proposal is December 15, 2017.

Keep your eyes on this page for further updates.

General information

Our first event each year is our TDSIG Web Carnival, which typically occurs at the end of January. Through it, we aim to create a multimodal online sharing experience that curates a mixture of a live event with speakers from our community, related blog posts, Facebook posts, and tweets.


Our goals in creating and executing the Web Carnival are to:

  • Draw in experiences and stories from our members related to teacher development situations and learnings
  • Build on existing knowledge from within our global membership and engage in a multimodal experience


We have held two TDSIG Web Carnivals thus far:

2017 – Learnings when the wheels fall off
Main speakers: Matthew Nobel (USA), Meredith Lewis (Australia), Michael Griffin (Korea), Varinder Unlu (UK)

2016 – Stories of teacher development
Main speakers: Lizzie Pinard (UK), Thiago Veigga (Brazil), Anna Bartosik (Canada), Maha Hassan (Egypt)