ELT itself can be regarded as a microcosm of the global village at large, whereby whiteness and heteronormativity–amongst other power structures–are positioned in the centre of decision-making in everything from materials to organisational practices to conference themes. One-off or occasional statements, talks, or strands at events are something, but our/their ‘inclusion’ defines us/them as peripheral to the main conversation. Through this month long event, TDSIG and GISIG will use our platforms to put RACE and QUEERNESS at the centre of the discussion. We will bring together and amplify the voices of ELT folx who identify as Black, Indigenous, People of colour, and/or LGBTQIA and allies who support us/them. This event is for everyone, not simply TDSIG or GISIG members.

 What’s involved?

Contribute by sharing original or linked articles, blog posts, video, podcast episodes, and comments on socials to illuminate and examine race and queerness in ELT. More info coming in November!

Every keynote, talk, panel discussion, and breakout engagement focuses solely on race, LGBTQIA, or intersections of the two within ELT.

 Call for speakers

Our live web conference on 5-6 December will include a variety of sessions types, from keynotes to concurrent talks to breakout session forums and more! We invite you to participate as a speaker at this event. Certain speakers will be offered a keynote slot for a £100 honorarium. Your proposal can focus on RACE, QUEERNESS, or BOTH. Click “Submit a proposal” to do so.

EXTENDED TO 30 October 2020! For those who have already submitted, THANK YOU! We will be in touch during October.


 Money and proceeds

The 2-day live event includes some finances. GISIG and TDSIG each will provide £150 towards keynote honoraria. In addition, we will kindly ask you to donate what you can and feel is appropriate to attend the sessions, though there will be zero obligation to pay anything to attend. We understand everyone is coming from different circumstances. We are also approaching specific organisations for sponsorship as an active role in the event.

What will we do with any donations for the live web conference?

All donations and sponsorship money we receive for the live event will be split into two bins:


If you have a suggestion for a highly relevant charity, please suggest it here. During the live event, we will vote on which to donate to. If you are interested in sponsoring this event, please contact [email protected] for more details.

We have chosen Gofundme as the platform to collect donations because of its low fees. We will open the donations button in November. Thank you so much for your support!



 More information coming soon!

NEW: Planned time zones for the web conference
These are rough guidelines for when to expect the conference to occur throughout the globe. Start and end times may change an hour or so, but the majority will remain like this.

Day 1 – START Vancouver 6AM, Montevideo 10AM, Yaoundé 2PM, Tehran 5:30PM, Taipei 9PM, Sydney 11PM
Day 1 – END Vancouver 12PM, Montevideo 4PM, Yaoundé 8PM, Tehran 11:30PM, Taipei 3AM, Sydney 5AM

Day 2 – START 1 hour earlier than Day 1
Day 2 – END 2 hours earlier than Day 1

The day schedule, the talks, the Community of Practice contributions: they’ll all be here in time. 😊

What we do know concretely is that we’re also using this opportunity to look inward to identify where we as a SIG create and perpetuate barriers that may prevent wider participation on all levels. Your help in doing so will be very much welcomed.