Web Carnival

Our first event each year is our TDSIG Web Carnival, which typically occurs at the end of January. Through it, we aim to create a multimodal online sharing experience that curates a mixture of a live event with speakers from our community, related blog posts, Facebook posts, and tweets.


Our goals in creating and executing the Web Carnival are to:

  • Draw in experiences and stories from our members related to teacher development situations and learnings
  • Build on existing knowledge from within our global membership and engage in a multimodal experience


We have held two TDSIG Web Carnivals thus far:

2017 – Learnings when the wheels fall off
Main speakers: Matthew Nobel (USA), Meredith Lewis (Australia), Michael Griffin (Korea), Varinder Unlu (UK)

2016 – Stories of teacher development
Main speakers: Lizzie Pinard (UK), Thiago Veigga (Brazil), Anna Bartosik (Canada), Maha Hassan (Egypt)

Get involved

Watch this space for updates on next year’s TDSIG Web Carnival.