Theme: TD Success Stories from Around the World
What does effective and successful teacher development look like? Sound like? Feel like? Maybe we know it when we see it. Our 3rd Annual TDSIG Web Carnival aims to stitch together an informative and inspiring “tapestry of TD”: stories of success from teachers around the world which will weave a picture of how teacher development is often personalized, always empowering, and never exactly the same in different times and places. Our #tdsigcarnival consists of:

  1. A live online event with 4 talks + panel discussion on 24 February
  2. Blog post contributions from you!
  3. Short 30-60 videos from you!
  4. Tweets from you!

1. Live event programme RECORDINGS HERE

Check out the sessions we’re offering at the live event. 

Session A: Marc Jones, Self-catering to others: how beating my own path helped me help my learners
Some teachers feel restricted by one-size-fits-all syllabi and materials. These are frequently comfortable for learners but less so for developing teachers. In this session I shall talk about examining my beliefs about teaching and learning and have participants examine their own in order to cater to their teaching and learning interests and aid their learners in a more rewarding way.

Session B: Pawel Matuszczyk, Implementing Successful Teacher Development Initiatives
The University of Sheffield’s English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) encourages participation in a wide range of activities for staff to engage with teacher development. The Centre has a teacher development development policy, coordination staff and time allocated for development activities. Teacher development at ELTC has been acknowledged for its success by several external accreditations and inspections. I will present how and why the following initiatives, ‘Scholarship Circles’, ‘Peer Development Scheme’ and ‘Online Bulletin’, were successful in promoting teacher development at ELTC. I would like to inspire and encourage them to be implemented at your own institutions and in your contexts.

Session C: Alice Kim, Going beyond the classroom: Getting involved with TESL Toronto
After having been to their sessions and conferences in the past, in 2016 I decided to join the board of TESL Toronto and help in creating their programs.  Joining the board has changed the way I saw myself as a teaching professional and allowed me to explore a different side to teacher development.  Being part of such a board requires you to think about teaching beyond the confines of one’s specific teaching environment and consider other spaces of teaching.  It also has allowed me to build relationships with others who share the same goal of providing a service to the teaching community.  Finally, being part of such a board has revealed to me the sheer amount of work that goes into a conference or employment event and thus, has given me a new sense of appreciation for such events.

Session D: Patricia Reynolds, What teachers want, what teachers really, really want!
This past summer at the World Congress of Applied Linguistics in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, during a forum of professional development educators of teachers in ESL/EFL contexts questions continued to arise about what were the trends in teacher development we may be missing as opportunities to support the educator in the field. Data from practicing teachers is often ignored as to what their needs may be in the classroom. From this discussion 8 trends were identified as being significant areas for teacher development and support. This presentation will discuss the eight trends and their implications in ESL/EFL contexts.

Session E: Various IATEFL Associates, “TD Success Stories from Around the World” Panel 
Discussion: What does successful teacher development look like and what can TAs do to facilitate it?

2 – 4. Call for participation

Our Web Carnival is always a mixture of participants, not only speakers on the day of our live event! This year, we’re looking TD success stories from everywhere! Tweet your video or blog post to us using #tdsigcarnival or link on our FB page, and we’ll add it here. Check out some examples from participants already!

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General information

Our first event each year is our TDSIG Web Carnival, which typically occurs at the end of January. Through it, we aim to create a multimodal online sharing experience that curates a mixture of a live event with speakers from our community, related blog posts, Facebook posts, and tweets.


Our goals in creating and executing the Web Carnival are to:

  • Draw in experiences and stories from our members related to teacher development situations and learnings
  • Build on existing knowledge from within our global membership and engage in a multimodal experience