We all experience times when things don’t go as planned in class and we deal with them; we learn from them; they shape our action. These times are often not prominent in our blog posts or on social media, where a rosy hue is cast over the activities, the student dynamics, or the affordances of tech tools. In TDSIG’s Web Carnival 2017, we will explore moments where the wheels fell off and how these experiences contribute to our identities and expand our modes of developing as teacher trainees, teachers, and teacher trainers.

While sessions are short, everyone will have opportunities to interact, share, and reflect on these points. In addition, if you write a post about this topic on your blog/website, please leave a comment on this page. We’ll share it on the TDSIG website or link to it. NOTE: You do not need to be a TDSIG member to attend the sessions… but why not become a member? 😉



To see when these sessions are in your timezone, please go to the programme below.


Click this link (bit.ly/tdsig-webcarnival) to view the programme for our live event! Recordings for each session are on the programme itself.


We will be using the IATEFL Adobe room. Click this link and enter as guest:

PARTICIPATE WITH #tdsigcarnival!

Before and after the Web Carnival on January 28, we’d be thrilled if you chose to participate with your own stories of the wheels falling off. Here are two ways:

      1. Tweet about a time things went awry in class and what happened. Use the #tdsigcarnival hashtag and it will be included on this page too!
      2. Create a 30-sec video about this: What is an “oops” you’ve made in class, but recovered from? 
        Upload and share the video URL with us in the comments below or send it to Tyson Seburn ([email protected]) and we’ll upload it to our new Youtube channel. Either way, we’ll include your video on this page as part of our this experience. Here’s one as an example, from one of our speakers, Michael Griffin: