PCE 2015 – Exploratory Practice

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Welcome to our Pre-Conference Event at the IATEFL Manchester

Challenges and Rewards – getting to the heart of the matter with exploratory practice

To be a teacher is to be rewarded. Rewarded by our students and their accomplishments.

To be a teacher is to be challenged. Challenged by things that do not work as we had hoped.

This question of reward and challenge is one which we would like to explore with you during our annual PCE in Manchester. A number of speakers, from different perspectives and spaces, will join us to share the challenges they have faced in their classrooms and the experiments they undertook in an attempt to find solutions…and hopefully rewards.

In the afternoon, we invite you to join us in Open Space. What one challenge do you face in your everyday and how might you examine it? How can we support each other in constructing action plans to examine those challenges? To make the most of the Open Space, we suggest you take some time to think about critical incidents in your teaching. How did you respond as a teacher?

What did the class do? What could you do differently? Did you get any support from your peers?

By the end of the day, we hope to walk away with simple, realistic but inspiring plans for our own development. In search of rewards.

As well as this, you are sure to walk away with new and renewed friendships – a perfect end to our day, and a perfect starting point for the main conference, with our brilliant speakers Anthony, Fiona, Higor and Mike.

We hope to see you there!

The TDSIG Team