Join TDSIG committee!

  With a new year comes new opportunity! TDSIG needs an enthusiastic social media innovator who will continue existing and create new ways to develop our voice on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by fostering relationships with our online community. Here’s a brief...

Post-CELTA professional development 3: approaches to lesson planning

In today’s post, I’ll begin with a couple of fairly standard ways of planning your lesson. If you’re just starting out as a teacher, I recommend following these styles for a bit. In the second part of the post, I’ll offer some alternatives for when you start to feel a bit more comfortable and confident. I’ll round off with a kind of checklist that will help keep you on the right track.

Post-CELTA professional development 1: working within time constraints

In your new career as a teacher, a key skill you’ll need to acquire – or enhance, or even develop – is proficiency in time management. One thing that teachers need to do is maintain some kind of balance between the long-term goals of the particular course, the immediate educational needs of the learners and the large amount of bureaucracy and paperwork that comes with being a teacher. Between grading exams, writing lesson plans, as well as actually teaching, you’ll often feel like it’s impossible to fit everything into the amount of time available.

Web Carnvial: Call for Speakers

 We're very excited to announce the theme of our 5th Web Carnival: Race & Queerness in ELT. It's consists of a month-long Community of Practice (November 2020) discussion online and a 2-day web conference (5-6 December 2020). For the latter, we encourage you to...

Sustainable online teaching & learning Q&A

On April 19 during the IATEFL Global Get-together, four SIGs (Andy Hockley from LAMSIG, Lawrie Moore from LASIG, Sophia Mavridi from LTSIG, and Cecilia Lemos from TDSIG) came together to discuss Sustainable online teaching & learning in a panel discussion As a...