We are hard at work putting together a number of cool projects for our members (and some for everyone, just because we love you). We’ll regularly update this featured post so you can always be up to date and have your dates lined up so you miss nothing!

24 February 2018

The 3rd Annual TDSIG Web Carnival is scheduled for 24 February 2018! This year we’re taking a look at Teacher Development Success Stories Around the World! We’ve got four speakers from around the world on our programme, and end the day with a panel of IATEFL Associates. For more information, please click here.


Every couple of months, we hold an online community meetup, not too far after the eBulletin is delivered to member inboxes. Anyone can watch live and ask us questions. We’ll make funny faces too. 😬 🤠 😭 🤵 🙆‍♂️ Come to our FB page.

Our next TDLIVE is all about keeping your mojo going!
More details to follow shortly.

9 April 2018

We’re planning an exciting full day event with LAMSIG, which will feature short TED-style talks, Open Space discussions, lunch, and some other secrets! Register for the IATEFL Conference here and select the TDSIG/LAMSIG PCE as the one you want to go! We’ll see you there. For more information, click here.

26 May 2018

In coordination with ELT Ireland in Dublin, get ready for our next face-to-face event, Tackling the 4 Big Challenges of Teacher Development:  Engagement, Usefulness, Visibility, Sustainability! Right now, there’s a call for proposals open until 26 March. Click on the poster for more details (to see larger) and email your proposal to