We are hard at work putting together a number of cool projects for our members (and some for everyone, just because we love you). We’ll regularly update this featured post so you can always be up to date and have your dates lined up so you miss nothing!

November 2018, Episode 8

Have you subscribed to our podcast on teacher development, Developod, yet? If yes, hosts Christian Tiplady and Matthew Noble greatly thank you! If not… it’s available nearly everywhere you get your podcasts. Try here or check out our podcast page.

Our 8th episode included a fascinating chat with Silvana Richardson, Head of Teacher Development of Bell Schools UK. Check it out!


Every couple of months, we hold an online community meetup. Anyone can participate live, ask us questions, and give your thoughts on the topic at hand. 😬 🤠 😭 🤵 🙆‍♂️ .

On 30 October, we jumped from Facebook to Twitter for a special #tdsiglive chat on the topic of Experimental TD (in relation to our next eBulletin topic). Check out the conversation here! Our next live chat will be some time in January. Please check back!

1 APRIL 2019

Are you a social justice warrior? Should we be as global and inclusive teachers in ELT? What is our role and how do global issues like immigration, discrimination, and equality impact our identity and development?

We’re joining up with GISIG (Global Issues SIG) for our IATEFL Pre-Conference event next year and we’d LOVE to see you there to share your ideas with our community on these very current pedagogical questions. Our talks and speakers have been announced! More information is here.