We are hard at work putting together a number of cool projects for our members (and some for everyone, just because we love you). We’ll regularly update this featured post so you can always be up to date and have your dates lined up so you miss nothing!

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For our next issue, we’re concentrating on easy, implementable ideas or tips for quick bursts of teacher development. See publications for more info and how you can contribute.

Submissions deadline:
30 November

Episode 15

Have you subscribed to our podcast on teacher development, Developod, yet? If yes, our podcast team of Christian Tiplady, Tania Iveson and James Taylor greatly thanks you! If not… it’s available nearly everywhere you get your podcasts. Try here or check out our podcast page.

This 15th episode features Lucy Norris – independent education consultant, writer and professional development facilitator, talking about the ‘Teaching for Success’ self-study guides that she has helped to produce for the British Council and how they may be integrated into professional development.

Every couple of months, we hold an online community meetup. Anyone can participate live, ask us questions, and give your thoughts on the topic at hand.

Our most recent #tdsiglive showcased several 5-minute pop-up talks on a wide variety of topics. These are informal, but they’ll be livestreamed and recorded and posted through our FB and Twitter accounts throughout the week of IATEFL 2019. You can catch up with them now on our YouTube channel.