TDSIG goes local with events around the globe! We’re organising with local organisations and contexts to share development opportunities and learn about development practices from different areas of our community. If you’d like to connect with us, please contact us at [email protected]. We’d love to see you become involved, so if you’re nearby those below, get involved!

Brighton Language Teachers – Open Mic Night

As teachers we’ve all learnt a lot in the last month and been out of our comfort zones more often than usual. Now it’s time to zoom back together and share what we’ve found helpful, fun or just damn weird with our teaching community. BLT is bringing our language teaching community to you online with our first zoom DIY CPD meet-up.  Please bring something to share. It doesn’t have to be a song, it could be an anecdote from the last month or so, it could be some resources, a reflection, an idea, but it could also be a poem, a ditty, a piece of visual art. In order to make it asynchronous too, we ask all sharers to be willing to make a post on the event wall sharing to their share.

Find out more here.
Read our summary of the event here.


Exciting TDSIG and ELT Council collaboration!

We’re excited to announce that we are collaborating with ELT Council this year for its annual ELT Malta Conference on 9-10 October 2020! This year’s theme is Teacher-driven professional development. We will be announcing plenary speakers shortly, but until then, we’d like to encourage you to put in a session proposal for inclusion in the TDSIG strand of the conference by 30 April 2020.

Would my session fit the TDSIG strand?

TDSIG wants to highlight sessions with teacher development strategies that you’ve undertaken, implemented, and/or created yourself, where you learned a considerable amount by doing, and from which have gained meaningful perspective on your teaching. To be considered for inclusion in the TDSIG strand of this conference, your session will clearly and primarily focus on the conference theme: teacher-driven professional development. These may be talks about podcasting, action research, dialogic approaches to teaching, reflection, or any type of meaningful teacher development programme that you yourself have chosen to do.