TDSIG 2019 scholarship winner – Adi Rajan

The 2019 TDSIG scholarship winner was Adi Rajan.

Adi joined us at the IATEFL Annual Conference in Liverpool in 2019. He shared his experience on our TDSIG blog – here’s the beginning of his post:

I have to start this post with a small confession. IATEFL sometimes doesn’t feel real to me. It’s all tweets, posts, and webinars. Paradoxically, these online connections have played a key role in my teacher development journey because I haven’t been able to find my PD tribe in my local context. And yet there’s an illusory, distant quality to digital communities underscored by fuzzy profile pictures and fleeting bursts of virtual camaraderie. But what could be more real than winning the Michael Berman scholarship and attending the IATEFL Annual Conference in Liverpool?

Want to continue reading about Adi’s experience? Then visit the post on our blog here