2018 Winner

Gerhard Erasmus is based in Taiwan. Gerhard lives and works in Taiwan, where he has been Academic Manager and Director of Studies for a language school in the capital Taipei. In 2016, he joined the British Council and is currently the Young Learner Coordinator, where he is actively involved in rolling out the new global product for young learners called Primary Plus. He is actively involved in teacher training and is currently a tutor on the Trinity Young Learners Extension Course (TYLEC) and a Regional Tutor for the Cambridge Delta Module 2. He has designed various training courses for teachers in Taiwan and China and is currently working on establishing the Trinity Certificate in Taiwan. One of his main areas of interest at the moment is developing the language ability and awareness of teachers with a lower proficiency in English and researching better methods to do this that avoids unnecessary language proficiency testing.

As well as attending the IATEFL conference next April, Gerhard is currently doing some exciting work helping teachers in Taiwan with accessing development opportunities. You can find out more about this very soon on the TDSIG blog.

2017 Winner

Volha Kruglova is from Belarus. She has been working at Secondary School #4 of Soligorsk for the last 5 years. In 2012, she was appointed head of the school teacher association. She teaches teens aged 12-13, 15-17. She uses project-base learning and technology in my lessons. Since September 2015 she has been teaching in a computer lab and using the LMS Edmodo. She has created a group on Edmodo for the teachers of our school to network, collaborate and share teaching materials. Since 2013 she has been giving workshops and webinars to the EFL teachers of her school and our city on the use of technology and continuous professional development.

2016 Winner

Martin Cooke is from Yorkshire UK and teaches in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. His main role is at a ‘buxiban’ catering mostly to adults, where they focus on classes for examinations, alongside ESP and Business English. They’re bringing in sufficient student numbers to remain viable, but that means six-day working weeks. Soon, we hope to hire another teacher, but it’s hard to find them in southern Taiwan. Martin also wrote an overview of the sessions he attended in Birmingham here.

2015 Winner

Deepti Sashidhar is from and teaches in India. Deepti works at the Government First Grade College for Women in Ramanagar and is a member of the Bangalore University English Teacher’s Association. After a brief stint as a teacher, she started working as a teacher trainer and some years later, went back to working as a teacher. This cycle of teaching, sharing your experience with others, learning from others and then getting back to teaching sums up, she says, her teaching philosophy. Read about her here.